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Friday, November 15, 2013

So Where We Going?

Today was a bittersweet day.  I sold my 2000 Camry which I leased in January 2000 and then purchased in 2004.  It was time but it was still difficult.  I couldn't help but reflect on the many places the Camry took me and so many other people.  Some of the highlights over the last almost 14 years include:

  • I drove it to four different jobs
  • Been through 16 states, as best I can remember
  • Drove around an NFL kicker on a Saturday night
  • Been pulled over by a cop three times
  • Never been in a wreck
  • Picked up Kasey on our first date
  • Took Kasey on our date the night I proposed
  • Took Myla and Luke to school on a few occasions
It was a great car with a lot of great memories.  How great that I drove it to my first job, picked up my wife on our first date, and then I also have pictures of my children doing this:
Their first car wash

However, my favorite memory is on the night I picked up Kasey for the first time.  I drove to Lexington to meet her and some other friends from college.  She got in the car, I slapped my hand on her thigh, and said "so where we going?"  Her answer that night....I couldn't tell you.  The answer 12 years later to "so where we going?"  How about a move to Boston for a great couple of years, then a trip to South Bend where we have settled into awesome jobs, made great life-long friends, and had the two most beautiful children anyone could ever hope for.  What a great 12 years in my life with so many memories.  The Camry was  there for a lot of them but it was time to pass it along to someone else.  Especially since the moon roof doesn't open anymore, the fabric on the ceiling of the car is sagging, it's rusting, doesn't have the LATCH system for our car seats, is peeling paint, and doesn't have heated seats.  I think the final straw was the embarassment I faced when having to drive my boss in it.  Now it belongs in the hands of a family with several teenagers so that's exactly who I sold it to.  So long will always be remembered (sniffle).


lillian b. said...

GRANNY;;;; Mathew what a great story. I would say you enjoyed it,s best days.We are all so proud of You, Kasey,and the sweet kids. Would love to see your basement. Love you all. Granny Buckles.

Matt and Jennifer said...

That was a sweet sentimental story :) it was fun to read. I don't know why a CAR can do that to you, but they do!

Granny Buckles said...

Granny Buckles; I was so surprised to get the beautiful art work from You Myla and Luke. That was really good. Maby Granny can help yoi color this Christmas. I love to get mail. Tim came down yrsterday We shopped for three Great-grandchildren. Loved it.Have a good Thanksgivings, we will miss you. Love You Lots. GRANNY:::::

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